Brooklyn Boatworks Participant Kayla Bynum Shares Her Experience With The Program

Featured below is a speech written by Brooklyn Boatworks participant Kayla Bynum for their 2018 Boat Launch. Kayla is a student at JHS292 located in East New York, Brooklyn and along with her classmates, helped built a boat during the school semester and successfully sailed it this past Tuesday, June 12. Continue reading to gain insight on her experience with the program.

Kayla Bynum

JHS292 – East New York, Brooklyn

Hello everybody.  My name is Kayla Bynum and I’m from JHS 292. Brooklyn Boatworks is where kids can work with wood and build boats. It’s also a great activity to relieve stress. We go on trips and learn about boats. On June 6th we sailed aboard the Pioneer, which was created in 1896 and was made to carry sand. Every day in Boatworks we learn and do things other kids wish they could do or don’t even know about – like lofting, sawing and gluing (we use a special glue that holds wood together). Boatworks is an amazing activity and the best experience for kids. Boatworks was a great experience for me, especially when I was Captain of the Day.  In Boatworks we met new people, who later became friends – and we can put all our problems to the side and have the best time. Everybody should experience the happiness that Boatworks brings. Give happiness to them and share the message of Boatworks.

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