Harlem Grown Featured in the New York Times

Eighth cohort member organization Harlem Grown was recently featured in the New York Times  for their work highlighting and combatting the limited healthy food options in the Harlem community they serve. Described as a food apartheid by Founder and Executive Director Tony Hillery, many Harlem residents already facing overlapping structural barriers are unable to afford or find healthy food options in their neighborhood where fast food restaurants dominate. Harlem Grown promotes food justice through their summer camp, farm tours, and Saturday programing where they teach Harlem youth about nutrition and farming and provide farm grown produce with accompanying recipes to families. For some, this is the only way they can reliably access healthy food.

New York on Tech at Deutsche Bank!

On Monday, July 29th Catalog Board Member John Hanisch met with students from New York on Tech to discuss working at Deutsche Bank.  These students will spend the summer working in Deutsche Bank’s IT Department.  The Catalog is delighted to support member programs like NY on Tech which provide internships and workforce skill development to young people in NYC.

Brooklyn Boatworks Participant Kayla Bynum Shares Her Experience With The Program

Featured below is a speech written by Brooklyn Boatworks participant Kayla Bynum for their 2018 Boat Launch. Kayla is a student at JHS292 located in East New York, Brooklyn and along with her classmates, helped built a boat during the school semester and successfully sailed it this past Tuesday, June 12. Continue reading to gain insight on her experience with the program.

Kayla Bynum

JHS292 – East New York, Brooklyn

Hello everybody.  My name is Kayla Bynum and I’m from JHS 292. Brooklyn Boatworks is where kids can work with wood and build boats. It’s also a great activity to relieve stress. We go on trips and learn about boats. On June 6th we sailed aboard the Pioneer, which was created in 1896 and was made to carry sand. Every day in Boatworks we learn and do things other kids wish they could do or don’t even know about – like lofting, sawing and gluing (we use a special glue that holds wood together). Boatworks is an amazing activity and the best experience for kids. Boatworks was a great experience for me, especially when I was Captain of the Day.  In Boatworks we met new people, who later became friends – and we can put all our problems to the side and have the best time. Everybody should experience the happiness that Boatworks brings. Give happiness to them and share the message of Boatworks.

Brooklyn Boatworks 2018 Boat Launch

Most of the middle school students who join Brooklyn Boatworks have never been on a boat. But they enroll in the program where they work in a team for a year, implementing science and math skills, teamwork and perseverance to build a boat from scratch using hand tools! On June 12th, they held an awards ceremony and a combined celebration for the launch party, demonstrating that the boats would truly sail! The kids all got a turn in their crafts, aided by the instructors, and many were so excited that they signed up for the summer program where they will learn to sail. Mike, the Dean of IS 1125, told us the program has proven so popular, he has convinced the school to add a second class next year enabling twice as many students to participate. On hand for the celebration were Catalog board members Ed Adler, Steve Kohn, Jeff Schwartz, Cindy Silverman and Flo Wiener, pictured below with BWB Co-founder Jeremy Wurmfeld.

Catalog Member Program EDs honored at Manhattan Country School

Lyle and Harris Friess, co-Executive Directors of Catalog 8th Cohort member program Brooklyn Youth Sports Club (BKYSC), were awarded the Living the Dream Award from the Manhattan Country School on April 28. The Living the Dream Award is annually given to those who show exemplary leadership in social justice efforts that reflect the Civil Rights principals the Manhattan Country School was founded on. For more details on the amazing work BKYSC does, check out our page on them here. Congratulations to Lyle and Harris on the amazing work they’ve done to deserve this honor!

Catalog Member Program ED, Dr. Robert Gore, is a CNN Hero!

Dr. Robert Gore, the Executive Director of Catalog member program Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI) has been selected as a CNN Hero.  As a Brooklyn native and emergency room doctor Dr. Gore recognized the need to create a hospital-based violence intervention program at Kings County Hospital and launched KAVI.  This January we were delighted to welcome KAVI and Dr. Gore to The Catalog.  We couldn’t be more delighted that their work is being honored by CNN! Watch the video below to find out more.

Alumni Member Program ED To Be Honored at Gloria Awards

Joanne Smith, the founder and Executive Director of Catalog alumni member program Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) will be honored on May 3rd at Ms. Foundation for Women’s Gloria Awards.  Joanne will be recognized for her work with GGE and her efforts to address gender-based violence. We are excited and proud that Joanne’s hard work is being recognized in this way and we look forward to following her work and the work of GGE for years to come.  Congratulations Joanne!

Exalt’s documentary theater piece!

On Tuesday, February 13th The Catalog had the opportunity to attend 16 Bars: Youth (Off)Ending Justice, a documentary theater piece, written, produced and performed by the teens of exalt, all of whom have been deeply impacted by their involvement with the criminal justice system in New York City.  exalt is an alumni member program that re-engages court-involved young people in their love for learning and in helping them understand the urgency of taking action to reverse their journey along the school-to-prison pipeline. All of us at The Catalog are proud to be involved in exalt’s growth and trajectory. 

First Workshop of the 8th Cohort – Conducting Excellent Site Visits!

We had our first workshop with our 8th cohort today! Part of the work of The Catalog is providing resources and skill building so our small, but mighty members can continue to grow and thrive. Shout out to our newest board member, Rhea Wong, for leading today’s workshop on organizing the perfect site visit!



Watch The Catalog on Fox 5!

On Friday, December 15th at 10:30pm The Catalog for Giving’s Executive Director, Flo Wiener, will appear on Fox 5’s Street Soliders with Lisa Evers to discuss, philanthropy and possible pitfalls during the holiday season.  Please tune in!