Harlem Grown

Food justice is about more than just providing and distributing food.  Harlem Grown provides hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition to elementary-aged students in Harlem by physically renovating abandoned lots and transforming them into urban farms. Harlem Grown’s model positively impacts the entire community through mentorship, job training, and partnerships to create sustainable change.

Fast Facts:

  • Last year Harlem Grown distributed over 2,200 pounds of produce to local Harlem families.
  • Harlem Grown plans to double in-school partnerships to serve a larger swath of Central, East and West Harlem and reach 12 schools by 2020.
  • Harlem Grown developed a STEM-focused curriculum totaling 126 lessons for grades 2-5  that will be launched in 2018.  They are also beginning to develop a middle school STEM curriculum.