I Challenge Myself

I Challenge Myself Official LogoSome of the participants in I Challenge Myself start off with a basic hurdle: learning to ride a bicycle. The cycling program challenges students in the school-based fitness program to gain cycling skills, develop strength and endurance, set goals and persevere. Participants learn about nutrition and physiology and culminate the year with a 100 mile ride. Participants in a summer program focus on college readiness, and take a 7-day bike tour riding 50 miles a day to visit 7 upstate NY colleges.

Fast Facts

  • Currently ICM offers its programs at four public high schools in the Bronx and Manhattan.
  • 81% of ICM students either increased their fitness levels or obtained the highest possible fitness scores at initial fitness testing and maintained that score throughout the year.
  • 93% of ICM students felt they learned to push themselves and felt a sense of accomplishment.