Our Organizations

The impact of The Catalog for Giving, on both on the organizations themselves and on the young people they serve, extends well beyond the three-year cycle of funding and strategic support. The success and progress of our member organizations is a testimony to the instrumental role The Catalog plays in the lives of New York City youth.  Through partnership with the Catalog, member organizations use our significant financial support and capacity building initiatives to:

  • Expand program staff, allowing them to serve more kids;
  • Expand development and administrative staff, allowing them to secure the future of their programs;
  • Make capital improvements such as securing new and larger sites, purchasing equipment, and upgrading technology;
  • Invest in program evaluation and monitoring;
  • Enjoy the recognition and seal of approval of a highly valued NYC youth funding organization;
  • Develop staff skills through numerous workshops in nonprofit management;
  • Secure new sources of support through connections within The Catalog network and targeted introductions to Catalog contacts;
  • Learn the ropes of planning and executing fundraisers through partnership with the annual Urban Heroes Awards Gala;
  • Gain access to a network of early-stage, youth-serving organizations enabling the ability to share resources and offer advice;
  • Rely on personal mentoring and strategic guidance from The Catalog’s staff and Board of Directors.

8th Edition Catalog Member Organizations

Atlas: DIY
Brooklyn Boatworks
Brooklyn Youth Sports Club
Extreme Kids and Crew
Harlem Grown
Kings Against Violence Initiative 
L.O.V.E. Mentoring
New York City Urban Debate League
New York on Tech
People’s Theatre Project
Rockaway Youth Task Force
South Bronx United
STEM from Dance
UpBeat NYC
Young New Yorkers